Туры на Байкал лето 2023
Отдых на озере Байкал летом очень многообразен, он привлекает несколько сотен тысяч туристов со всей России и многих стран мира.
Что может быть лучше?

Beijing duck

At your disposal two capacious halls on 100 seats (musical and a relax) which interior is executed in the best Chinese traditions. 3 certain VIP halls for business meetings and negotiations. At us on a visit you will be able to hold any celebration, beginning from a family holiday and finishing with a wedding. 

On Friday and Saturday for you at restaurant live music and entertaining a show the program sounds from 19:00 till 23:00.

The kitchen of restaurant has absorbed in itself the best traditions of the Chinese cookery. Cooks know everything about subtleties of preparation of dishes of the Homeland. The menu of restaurant distinguishes a huge variety of dishes, here each guest will be able to find for himself that he wants.