Lake Baikal 2020

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About Baikal

Lake Baikal which is often called the Well of the Planet or the Pearl of Siberia is one of the world’s renowned wonders attracting thousands of tourists. With its pure water, unique nature, abundant flora and fauna and original culture of the indigenous peoples Baikal has become one of the top tourist destinations both in Russia and the world. The vast water expanses and variety of landscapes can satisfy different travelers. Creating tours to Baikal we strive to ensure your interesting and diversified vacation. There are sightseeing itineraries based on staying at comfortable hotels, Baikal cruises, and a wide range of adventures on Baikal: from trekking the adjacent mountains to the unique Baikal fishing using old local techniques which you will hardly experience elsewhere. Of course, any of the summer tours can be perfectly combined with leisurely rest on the beautiful Baikal beaches.

Planning your Baikal vacation it is necessary to take into account some peculiarities that make the Baikal tourism different from that in other Russian tourist destinations. There are various ways of touring Baikal: you may stay at a hotel or tourist lodge on the coast, choose a cruise or sightseeing itinerary or experience some outdoor activities. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages; none of them are just good or bad – everything depends on your preferences.

Lake Baikal has numerous places suited for various kinds of traveling. However, all those places are located quite far from each other. Thus if you do not fancy spending a major part of your vacation moving from one spot to another, we recommend planning the itinerary very carefully according to your favourite pastimes. The warm bays of the Maloye (Lesser) Sea and Chivyrkuy Bay are suitable for leisurely beach rest still lacking resources for excursions and entertainments. The well-known island Olkhon is undoubtedly the centre of Baikal sightseeing and outdoor activities, though not so good for a long beach vacation. Listvyanka settlement where most of our guests start their travel around Baikal offers a variety of excursions and itineraries enough for a few days only, but not for a long stay.

Outdoor activities on Baikal alongside with fishing on Baikal rank first by popularity among the local types of tourism. Our Baikal tour programs include various elements: cruises on Lake Baikal, sightseeing around Baikal and of course, Baikal adventures. Angling on Baikal can be arranged within almost every our tour, although for experienced anglers we offer special tours.

Our extended experience in Baikal tour operating has led us to the conclusion that the best Baikal vacation is not a static one – one gets much more impressions and pleasure changing locations and activities. Sensible logistics when planning an itinerary lets us show you some of the most prominent landmarks of Lake Baikal, its natural and man-made sights. Of course, one short trip is not enough to see and grasp the whole Baikal, and we believe that our guests will return to the Glorified Lake again and again.