Туры на Байкал лето 2023
Отдых на озере Байкал летом очень многообразен, он привлекает несколько сотен тысяч туристов со всей России и многих стран мира.
Что может быть лучше?

About GreenExpress

Our mission

We create emotional experiences from harmonious interaction with Lake Baikal – the Pearl of Siberia.

We work for successful people who are soulful, appreciate nature and culture as eternity manifestation.

We strive to realize and meet the desires of our clients, showing cordiality and Siberian hospitality

Our team appreciates and develops leadership, constructivism and professionalism.

We work together with leading companies to develop principles of mutual benefit and long-term partnership. We welcome competition and we look forward to cooperation.

By developing the tourist industry, we promote the stable evolution of the Baikal region. We have received many awards, and increased the Company’s value while improving the well-being of society.

Our Company

"Green Express" was established by a team of young businessmen and keen professionals, who had already had a successful operational experience in different fields - from wholesale and retail trade to manufacturing car batteries – in their backgrounds. Love of Baikal, its nature and striving to live in harmony with the environment united the team. Corporate adventure activities became an integral part of coming to Baikal as the primary destination.

We wish Lake Baikal to occupy a worthy position on the list of the most attractive tourist destinations of the world. We wish many people to touch its beauty and evaluate its uniqueness, force and power. We expect Baikal, being a unique natural object, to highly influence the spirit of people visiting it.

Since the foundation of the Company, we have paid much attention to developing ecological tourism in the Baikal region, that is, tourism and recreation which do not damage ecology, assist in protecting the Sacred Lake and contribute to increasing social and economic well-being of the population living in the region.

Having entered the international market of tourism, in fact, as a "beginner", the Company soon achieved significant success thanks to the professional personnel and innovative marketing approach to promoting tour products. Under conditions of high competition on the Baikal regional market of incoming tourism, among the rivals with a 10-15 year successful professional history, "Green Express" has managed to become one of the recognized leaders.

How we work

We realize that high-quality service is a key point in vacation-making. That is why we create our own tour product on the basis of our accommodation objects. In May, 2002 we received first guests at the new comfortable building of the "Baikal Terema" hotel in Listvyanka settlement at Baikal. A year later the "Prospectors Retreat Lodge" recreation center was opened.

We offer our clients action-packed, fun-filled adventure tours combining various outdoor activities and comfortable environment-friendly accommodation. Our active vacation programs include horseback, hiking, bicycle and snowmobile itineraries. Rafting down the Pribaikalye mountain rivers traverses the areas of three national parks (Pribaikal'ski, Zabaikal'ski and Tunkinski), while cruises encompass the whole territory of Lake Baikal.

Stunning sceneries, natural sights, archeological monuments and biologic variety alongside with the ancient Buryat myths and national traditions made our adventure tours especially interesting.

To overcome the seasonality factor we develop new kinds of winter and event tourism. Over the past two years, the so-called corporate picnics – special winter adventure tour programmes for corporate customers have become our absolute bestseller. Besides the increasing of the services range, "Green Express" initiated the 1st International Baikal Festival of Winter Games "Winteriada-2003". As a consequence, in March 2003 "Intour-Khabarovsk”, a big Khabarovsk tour company, and "JTB", a famous Japanese tourist corporation, entrusted us with the mission to arrange the unique tour programme for Japanese tourists at Lake Baikal. The event was covered by NHK television whose film crew especi ally arrived here.

At the same time, we expand the geography of our operation, and arrange complex tours around Mongolia, Altai and the Russian Far East.

We look forward to seeing you here as our guests and will do our best to make your stay unforgettable!