Туры на Байкал лето 2023
Отдых на озере Байкал летом очень многообразен, он привлекает несколько сотен тысяч туристов со всей России и многих стран мира.
Что может быть лучше?

Holy Nose

The strange name is one of the biggest peninsulae Lake Baikal. Holy Nose and separates a Barguzinsky Chivyrkuisky bays (both known for their well-known fishing Baikalian). Buryats call this place "Hillman Khushun, which means nose sturgeon. Holy Nose - very rocky section of the Baikal land on which there is a hot spring Snake and many (about 45) streams.+ Tourists who lodge in numerous camp sites on the lake, is often visited by the Holy Nose to view its rich fauna. What did not usual here - grouse, fox, grouse, wolves, roe deer.