Туры на Байкал лето 2023
Отдых на озере Байкал летом очень многообразен, он привлекает несколько сотен тысяч туристов со всей России и многих стран мира.
Что может быть лучше?

Tazheranskaya steppe

Tazheranskaya Siberian steppe called the pantry of rare minerals. On an area of ​​1 sq. km. We found more than 140 different stones: zirconia, ruby, blue diopside and tazheranit - unique stone found only here. In addition, Tazheran - Baikal is a beautiful landscape, reminiscent of the Tibetan foothills. Here you can see sand dunes and relict spruce, and loose rocks, and giant cave. For example, one of the most famous caves at Lake Baikal - Dream - has a length of about 900 meters of corridors, in other caves can be found beautiful underground lakes, clusters of stalactites, cave paintings of ancient peoples. At the heart of the steppes there are several salt lakes. The largest of them - it Dabahtay-Nur (half a mile wide and a depth of 2.5-3 meters).

Water and mud of the lake has long been used by the local population for therapeutic purposes. Route Tazheranam, tourists choose a vacation on the lake, it is best to start with the bay Aya, continue to the sacred mountain Ekhe Erd, to turn to the cliff Sagan-Zaba, where you can see the rock carvings, dating back more than 2,500 years, and end the tour near the camps of nomads pastoralists.